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Potential Puppy Owner Questionnaire

(please copy and paste into the body of your e-mail, answer and send to franmontgomery@shaw.ca  


1 Are there any obedience schools in your area?
 2 Where will your dog live, in your home or a dog house outside, and/or will you kennel    train your puppy?
 3 Is your yard fenced or do you have a pen for your puppy? Dimensions of area______?
4 Is your first preference a male or a female. Why?
 5 Is there one special area of activity you are interested in pursuing with your Leo?
 6 Have you ever titled a dog in conformation or a performance event or done therapy    training?
7 Are you interested in breeding?
8 If so Have you bred before?
 9 Describe your idea of a perfect canine temperament:

The more I know what your experience is the more I am able to offer you a puppy that will fit best with you and your family. Please describe the training methods you would use to a)potty train &  b) leash train your dog so he/she does not pull on the leash..

Why have you chosen the training methods you would use?  


The following are questions on training that are fairly in depth.  I do not expect that everyone will be able to answer all of these questions but the more you can tell me about what you know, the easier it makes my job to know who will best fit with which puppy.   If there are questions that you cannot answer, now is a good time before the puppies arrive to do some reading .  It is always in you and your puppy's best interest to be as educated as possible.   


10 How do you introduce your puppy to your children and what do you do to reinforce that all human members of your household are considered Alpha to your dog.

11 Have you ever owned a dog that became reactive to other dogs, barking or growling and    lunging for no apparent reason?

12 What did or would you do about such a reactive dog?

13 What would you do to prevent this problem from occurring in a dog/puppy in the first     place?  Please be specific.

14 How would you teach a puppy to heel?

15 How would you teach a puppy not to pull on a leash?  

16 How is teaching "heel" and "not to pull" two different things?

17 How would you prevent a puppy from becoming food (ball, toy, space....aggressive?  Give    me as many possible techniques as you can think of.

18 How often and for how long would you have to use these training techniques on a puppy    that displayed any of these possessive behaviors?

19 Would you ever use these techniques on a puppy/dog  that did not display any of these    behaviors and why or why not?

  Again, It would be helpful for me to assess your understanding of dog behavior to give as many examples of such behaviors and techniques as you can.


20 Do you know if there are some puppies that are more prone to the above behaviors than    others and why?  

21 If so, what would be the prime training tool you would use to prevent future problems     from ever starting?

22 Do you know what an Alpha roll is and where, why or if it would be appropriate to use    it?

23 When would a pinch collar be appropriate to use on a dog?


24 Have you ever owned more than one dog at the same time?

25 If so please explain the dynamics of your dog pack. ie: which dog was the Alpha dog and give me examples of their behavior to show how you know this?


26.Do you know the optimum protein level a giant breed puppy would need for optimum bone growth?

27 What is the ratio of calcium to phosphorus that should be present in food for giant breed puppies?


28 What are the problems that occur if protein levels and calcium phosphorous ratios are    not adhered to in the first two years of a puppy's diet?  

29 What is one of the first signs the diet is causing problems in the puppy's growth.


30 What are the causes of hip displasia and degenerative elbow disease other than genetics?


31 Do you have any concerns and questions for me?  Or is there more you would like me to know      about you?


32 Your name:
33 Your phone number and Your email address:
34 Your mailing address
     City and State/Province

    Zip/postal code
35 How did you hear about Little Mountain Leonbergers?:
36 Have you met any Leos in person?
37 Whose Leo?
38 What breeds have you previously owned?
39 What other pets do you have currently?
40 Are any dogs intact?
41 How long at current address?
42 Do you own or rent your home?
43 How many people live in your home?
44 Ages of children, if any?
45 How many hours of extra curricular activities are you involved in per week?

46 Do you have any Senior Citizens or special needs family members?
47 Have you ever considered an older dog instead of a puppy?
48 Have you ever attended obedience classes?  If yes please provide the name and or type of training     you took.

In order to have your leonberger puppy grow to his optimal size and bone structure there are specific food requirements for your puppy for a minimum of two years.  If You choose to follow our recommendations you have a choice of a dry kibble or you may feed a raw diet.  Your pup must also be neutered no earlier than 18 months.  I guarantee their hips and elbows but only if the above conditions are adhered to.


Please note, I am very reluctant to consider families with babies under one year old.   I am certain it would be a great fit to have a baby and a  Leo puppy grow to be life long pals, but I also know that both babies and puppies need intensive care and training at these tender ages.  When it comes to who gets the attention  that is in short supply, hands down it will be the baby.  This is not fair to the puppy and many behavior problems can develop.  I know there is the rare super family that can make this work but you would have to show some pretty convincing arguments for me to change my mind.  The best  argument of all that you can show me is that you correctly answer all the above questions.


If you've made it this far and are still hanging in there I know you will make a great Leo companion.  



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